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The Gladiators MS Cross Country team has been working hard since Week two of the school year, and some athletes since the End of May in the Summer running schedule. We are 38 strong as of this week with 21 boys and 17 girls working in practice three early mornings a week and and now two meets under their belts. They have renewed or developed amazing bonds now in their official 6th week of training. They cheer together, learn together and run together. It is hard work, but that hard work is paying off.

We have come together as a community and again continued the middle school team tradition of a Pasta Party the Thursday before meets a few time through the season. Our first pasta party was on 9/6/18, where we had 70 individuals, our athletes with their families present. The athletes ate pasta, salads, bread and hung out swimming and just relaxing and having fun.

They began their race season last week in Glendale with a very hot and long 2.11 miles. Both the girls and boys teams rallied and came in Third place overall, out of 12 teams, despite the heat, length of the course, and for some this being their first race EVER. Coach Evan Cain and I (Coach Katie Klas) celebrated the experience with the scholar athletes and their families.

Our second meet took place on Saturday 9/15/18 at Espee Park with the girls race at 8:00 am and the boys at 0830. Both of our teams (Girls and Boys) had an incredible meet. Both teams had a sizable move up to Second Place overall. The Girls had their top 7 runners at their best and it showed. They came together and ran an amazing race. The boys had two of their top 7 runners not at their best (illness) but who came out and still gave an amazing effort and landing the team in Second place as well. We had 7 returning runners have their best 2 mile race; Jonah Pearson, Kaden Duryea, Emmet Boorse, Gage Kloft, Ilona Somoshegyi-Szokol, Chantel Szeto, and Alyssa Klas.

Scoring is based on each teams top 5 runners finish placement in the race. In the girls meets we went from Third place at 91 points in Meet 1 to Second place with 62 points in Meet 2. And the boys team went from Third place at 103 points in Meet 1 to Second place with 93 points in Meet 2. See below the top 5 teams for each race.

Official Team Scores – Meet 2 Girls

1. Odyssey (Buckeye) 20
2. North Phoenix Prep 62
3. Trivium Prep 75
4. Lincoln Prep 128
5. Glendale Preparatory Academy 132


Official Team Scores – Meet 2 Boys

1. Odyssey (Buckeye) 45
2. North Phoenix Prep 93
3. Glendale Preparatory Academy 118
4. Anthem Prep 134
5. Scottsdale Prep 137


Official Team Scores – Meet 1 Girls

1. Odyssey (Buckeye) 23
2. Trivium Prep 65
3. North Phoenix Prep 91
4. Glendale Preparatory Academy 104
5. Chandler Preparatory Academy 113


Official Team Scores – Meet 1 Boys

1. Odyssey (Buckeye) 41
2. Chandler Preparatory Academy 86
3. North Phoenix Prep 103
4. Trivium Prep 119
5. Glendale Preparatory Academy 120

Our next meet will be at Freestone Park in Gilbert, AZ this coming Saturday, September 22nd. Girls run at 0800 and boys race follows. We would love to expand our Gladiator Nation if you would like to see our athletes in action.