Multiple Teams · Gladiators MS Track and Field Championships – Boys place 3rd – Girls place 5th

Our MS Gladiators Track and Field team competed in the Great Hearts MS Championships this past Saturday at Apollo High School.  It was a fun meet with some incredible performances.  Our boy’s team placed 3rd overall and our girls placed 5th.  In combined team scoring we placed 4th overall.


Ten championship meet records were broken throughout the day with four of them coming from our own star athlete Zach Koss.  Zach Koss broke the 100m (11.75), 200m (23.64), Long Jump (18; 10.75”), and Triple Jump (37’ 7”) meet records.  Three of which are now our MS school records; 100m, 200m, and TJ.  Plus, two of those are now the fastest times by any athletes at our school HS or MS; 100m and 200m.  Zach was the top athlete of the day scoring a perfect 40 points in the meet with 4 individual 1st place finishes.


Boys Team Scoring – 66 points

Zach Koss 40 points – 100m (1st), 200m (1st), LJ (1st), TJ (1st)

Jonah Pearson 8.5 points – 800m (4th), 1600m (8th), SMR (5th), 4×400 (3rd)

Zach Weigele 5 points – Discus (5th), 4×100 (5th)

Kai Buensalido 3.5 points – SMR (5th), 4×100 (5th), 4×400 (3rd)

Harry Standley 3.5 points – SMR (5th), 4×100 (5th), 4×400 (3rd)

Maddox Malchow 1.5 points – 4×400 (3rd)

Shawn Biltis 1 point – Discus (8th)

Emmet Boorse 1 point – Shot Put (8th)

Julian Kimble 1 point – SMR (5th)

John Miller 1 Point – 4×100 (5th)


Girls Team Scoring – 35 points

Mya Proctor 10 points – Discus (3rd), Shot Put (5th)

Alexa Estrella 7.75 points – 100m Hurdles (5th), Shot Put (6th), SMR (6th)

Emma Gove 7 points – Shot Put (4th), Discus (7th)

Sofia Tineva 3.25 points – 1600m (7th), 4×400 (4th)

Tate Barnett 2 points – SMR (6th), 4×400 (4th)

Marly Standley 2 points – SMR (6th), 4×400 (4th)

Alexandra Reno 2 points – SMR (6th), 4×400 (4th)

Sydney Swanson 1 point – 1600m (8th)